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Grossman Ensemble members

“It’s just possible that people will look back at [the Grossman Ensemble’s inaugural concert] and say: I was there…The group set a high standard for itself – and lofty expectations.” – The Chicago Tribune (Read review)

“The Grossman Ensemble filled the evening with wonder and, at times, awe. In premiering four new works, it demonstrated high class musicianship and offered big promises of what is to come.” – Third Coast Review (Read review)

"Some of the best contemporary players in the city...the record rewards repeat listenings." – Chicago Reader, about the Grossman Ensemble’s debut album Fountain of Time (Read review)

About the Ensemble

The Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition's resident supergroup, the Grossman Ensemble, comprises musicians of the highest caliber whose passion is to perform music with a sensitive understanding, meticulous preparation, and abundant rehearsal time. World premiere works are developed over several weeks, during a series of unique workshopping rehearsals that focus on the interaction between composers, musicians, and conductors.

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