Get to know the Grossman Ensemble

Members of the Grossman Ensemble posed against a white wall

We interviewed members of the Grossman Ensemble to learn more about their passions, musical backgrounds, and experiences with the ensemble. Read the articles below to learn more about each of the musicians in the CCCC resident ensemble.

Hannah Hurwitz headshort

Get to know violinist Hanna Hurwitz

Find out what she's reading these days, why she enjoys gardening, and what she would do if she wasn't a musician. 

Ben Melsky headshot

Get to know harpist Ben Melsky

Find out how many times he’s played the Nutcracker, what he’s reading these days, and what culinary dish he thinks the harp is most like.

Katie Jimoh headshot

Get to know clarinetist Katie Jimoh

Learn about Katie's passion for jewelry making and to find out which contemporary clarinet technique is her favorite.

Taimur Sullivan headshot

Get to know saxophonist Taimur Sullivan

Read about how the Grossman Ensemble has created community and inspiration for Taimur and learn more about his experience with jazz and bluegrass.

Matt Oliphant headshot

Get to know hornist Matthew Oliphant

Learn what has kept Matt interested in contemporary music throughout his life, what other kinds of music he likes to listen to and play, and more.

MingHuan Xu headshot

Get to know violinist MingHuan Xu

Read about MingHuan's favorite moment in the Grossman Ensemble and find out what kind of music she enjoys listening to.

Andrew Nogal headshot

Get to know oboist Andrew Nogal

Read about Andy's love of trains, his passion for public libraries, what he's read recently, and more.

Stay tuned for future interviews with members of the Grossman Ensemble!