Postdoctoral Program

Postdoctoral Program

The Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition offers an annual yearlong position to an exceptionally promising composer writing contemporary classical music.

The CCCC provides researchers with facilities and resources to develop new works for performance by the ensembles-in-residence. Researchers also participate in the CCCC’s workshops and colloquia; coach musicians on contemporary music practice; and teach one class each year in the University’s College Core curriculum. This singular opportunity allows composers in the early stages of their careers to gain unprecedented exposure and intellectual engagement in the dynamic setting of the University of Chicago's prestigious music composition program.

2021-22 Postdoctoral Researcher: Ania Vu

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The University of Chicago’s Center for Contemporary Composition (CCCC) is pleased to announce composer and pianist Ania Vu as the 2022-23 Postdoctoral Researcher at the rank of Instructor in the Division of the Humanities. Vu will develop new works to be performed by the Grossman Ensemble and other guest artists during the upcoming season. She will also teach an undergraduate course, provide composition lessons, and participate in the Center’s workshops and events.  

“Ania Vu’s music is elegant, nuanced, personal, and radiant. The dramatic landscapes she conjures are spellbinding and reveal a kaleidoscopic craft. She is following her personal creative star and her inspiring compositions are evocative and tell stories,” said University Professor Augusta Read Thomas, Director of the CCCC. Read more.