Fountains of Time makes The Chicago Tribune's Best Classical Recordings of 2020

Fountains of Time

The best classical recordings of 2020: CSO, Kevin Cole and James Lentini

By Howard Reich for The Chicago Tribune


The pandemic did not stop artists from releasing important classical recordings in 2020. 
Here are the best:

Grossman Ensemble: “Fountain of Time” (CCCC Records)
The emergence of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition, at the University of Chicago, has been a significant development for new music in this city. The latest proof comes in the form of “Fountain of Time,” featuring the center’s resident Grossman Ensemble. Works by Shulamit Ran, Anthony Cheung, David Dzubay, Tonia Ko and David “Clay” Mettens attest to the ensemble’s technical acuity, stylistic breadth and artistic vision.


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