Grossman Ensemble with Ben Bolter, conductor

Grossman Ensemble

December 7, 2018 | 7:30PM
Logan Center Performance Hall

Ben Bolter, co-director of Northwestern University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble and Associate director of the NU Institute for New Music, conducts the debut performance of the Grossman Ensemble. The performance includes world premiere works by Assistant Professor of Composition at UChicago and electronics performer Sam Pluta, Professor of Composition at Brandeis University and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist David Rakowski, UChicago Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor Emerita Shulamit Ran, and CCCC Postdoctoral Researcher Tonia Ko.

Open rehearsal: Saturday, November 10


This is the world premiere of each work on the program.

Shulamit Ran - Grand Rounds
Sam Pluta - Actuate/Resonate
Tonia Ko - Simple Fuel
David Rakowski - Lee

Read the full program book.

Presented by the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition and UChicago Presents.