CHIMEFest 2022

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June 17, 2022 | 1:30PM
Fulton Recital Hall, Goodspeed Hall 4th floor

The CHIME Studio at The University of Chicago presents CHIMEFest 2022, a gathering of composers and sound artists from the Midwest. The festival will include performances of music for instruments and electronics, acousmatic works, works with video, a sound art installation by UChicago composer Kari Watson, and a presentation by Melody Chua, Interdisciplinary Artist of Interactive Technologies and Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland, on "(Dis)embodiment with an Immersive Improvisation Machine."


All day: Sounding th’ Huntsculptural sound installation by Kari Watson and Emily Harter 

1:30 pm: Concert I 


Openings…….Jung Hyun Lee 
Pocket Anxiety……Ethan Fegan 
Whales Find a Piano…..Elizabeth Love
//run without caution…..Victor Zheng 
Elements……Chin Ting Chan 
Poem for Otomo…..Jackson Roush 
The seventh, unnamed….Drew Farrar 
Dancehall in Space…..Raymond Stunkel 
Amò la Francia e mutò nome….Timothy McDunn 

3:30 pm: Presentation by Keynote Speaker Melody Chua, "(Dis)embodiment with an Immersive Improvisation Machine"

4:30 pm: Reception 

7:30 pm: Concert II 


Shuffle and Draw….Michael Pounds 
Choices…..Michael Pounds 
Moët music…….Hunter Brown 
That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles….Carolyn Bocherding 
Flowering Dandelion…..Kyong Mee Choi 
Arborescencia…..Felipe Tovar-Hennao 
Human Sequencer (Entropic Atelier № 4)….Benjamin D. Whiting 
Chaosflöte and Live Coding Improvisation…..Null-state 


Free for all attendees, no tickets required.