CHIMEFest 2019: Live Electronics Symposium

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May 27, 2019 | 4:00PM
Logan Center for the Arts

The CHIME Studio presents CHIMEFest 2019, a meeting of electronics performers and improvisers from around the globe, with leading artists and researchers from the United States, the UK, and Europe.


Thursday, May 2:
10am - 2pm - Talks Session I

Anne La Berge – Devices
Jeff Snyder – Snyderphonics Genera: A DSP Eurorack module for rapid hardware prototyping
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay – Fluid Corpus Manipulation: blurring taxonomies through creative convergences of practices 
Alex Harker – FrameLib: A DSP framework for arbitrary size frame processing with arbitrary sub-sample accurate timing

7 - 8pm – Concert I

Friday, May 3:
4pm-6pm - Talks Session II

Sam Pluta – LMI Version 3 – A New Approach to Multi-Dimensional Performance Software
Ted Moore – New Approaches to Machine Listening and AI-based Composition in SuperCollider
Lauren Hayes – Beyond Skill Acquisition: Improvisation, Interdisciplinarity, and Enactive Music Cognition

7 - 8pm – Concert II

Admission: Free

Presented by the CHIME Studio, Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition, and the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative.